Wednesday, April 29 - 08:30 – 17:00
Computational Hydraulics International
Integrated 1D-2D Flood Modeling for Urban and Rural Watersheds with EPA SWMM5 and PCSWMM

Will be hosting a 1-day technical workshop on the use of EPA SWMM5 and PCSWMM to improve both integrated 1D-2D flood modeling and GI/LID modeling for urban and rural watersheds.

We invite you to join us in advancing your professional skills and in gaining a unique understanding of emerging technologies relevant to the water resource community.  Course content will include a mixture of theory, case studies, and practical hands-on exercises.

Topics include:

  • Integrated 1D-2D flood modeling with SWMM5
  • Low Impact Development (LIDs) modeling
  • Water quality watershed modeling with BMPs & erosion
  • Distributed dynamic rainfall using raingage-calibrated radar

    Attendees will be provided with a 60-day software license of PCSWMM Professional 2D (which includes SWMM5 and OpenSWMM computational engines), as well as a digital workbook with over 30 hours of training materials. Attendees will be credited with 0.75 CEUs. 


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    Saturday, May 2 – 08:30 – 12:30
    Stormwater Management and LID Practices in Canada: Updates, New Developments and Trends
    Presented by: Dr. James Li & M. Gilles Rivard P.E., M. Sc.

    Dr. James Li will address past, present and future stormwater management practices for the Province of Ontario, highlighting the evolution of techniques and approaches used over the years, with a discussion on trends and actual orientations within the province.

    Future stormwater management in Ontario should recognize the four season nature of the problem and effort should be spent on development of LID technologies which address four season runoff. One of these four season technologies, termed Etobicoke Exfiltration System, will be overviewed in this presentation.

    Mr. Gilles Rivard will present trends from programs in different Canadian Provinces including B.C., Alberta and Quebec.
    Experiences at the international level will also be discussed by presenting activities by the International Working Group on Source Control Management (SOCOMA), which is part of the Urban Drainage Joint Committee of the two parental associations (IWA and IAHR).


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