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The City of Montréal's unique setting on an island in the middle of the St. Lawrence River has shaped the city's history and development, and has helped it maintain a vibrant downtown core, a bustling port, and the charming cobble-stoned old section of the city known as "Old Montréal" near the water. At the city's heart is Mount Royal Park, or "The Mountain", as it is affectionately referred to by Montrealers, a vast green space which residents and tourists alike use for walking and cycling all year round, along with picnicking, dancing, and celebrating during the summer, and skating, skiing and tobogganing in the winter. The autumn is a wonderful time to stroll on "The Mountain" to enjoy the vibrant fall foliage and views of the city from several lookouts.

Montréal is known for its successful integration of people from various cultures and religions, most of whom participate fully as Montrealers while retaining a strong bond to their culture. This wealth of ethnic diversity has helped establish Montréal's reputation as a city of excellent restaurants offering many different types of food, in all price ranges.

Montréal is recognized as a hub of creativity and innovation: in the arts, multimedia and software development, and leading edge scientific research. Its four universities add a vibrant student population. On any given day this dynamic and exciting city offers visitors an array of beguiling options from which to choose - dance, theatre, music, lectures, shopping, fine dining, outdoor leisure activities, or just enjoying its flourishing social life and joie de vivre.

To discover Montréal is to open up to the world, to experience an exciting urban lifestyle in a city renowned for its dynamic cultural life and diversity, its rich heritage and as well as its magnificent environment.

Getting there:


**At the airport, you simply go to the exit for buses and taxi. 747 Bus Shuttle

There is a new shuttle now from the Pierre Elliott Trudeau (YUL) Airport in Dorval, Québec to downtown Montréal. Buses run on a 24 hour basis, and there is a departure every 20-45 minutes. The schedules are revised every three months. The cost is only $10 CAD per person. You will need to have the exact change (no bills) to get on the bus

If you are going to use the public transport system while you are in Montréal, you should purchase a fare card (Weekly Pass, 1-Day Pass or 3-Day Pass) at the airport which will allow access for the 747 bus shuttle for no additional cost. Fare cards are sold at the airport on the international arrivals level. The bus will make about 7 stops before it gets to the main bus station downtown. Ask the driver for the closest stop to your hotel.

For more information check out the Montreal Public Transportation (STM) Website.


There is a flat rate of $40 CAD to downtown hotels. Arrangements for a limousine transfer can be made with the hotel concierge upon request.

WITHIN MONTRÉAL - Bus and Metro (Subway)

The hotel is located directly above Central Station. There is a hotel entrance from the train station. Please follow signage.

The bus and metro are a fast and cheap way to get around Montréal. Fares are $3.00 per ticket. One-day and three-day tourist passes are also available from certain metro stations. The closest metro station to the Conference venue, the Palais des Congrès, is Bonaventure Station (Orange line).

Metro operating hours are Monday to Friday and Sunday from 5:30 AM to 1 AM, and Saturday from 5:30 AM to 1:30 AM. The average wait time between trains is eight minutes and three minutes during rush hour.

For more information check the STM Website.



End of April and beginning May, the chill of winter is disappearing but weather can be unpredictable - be prepared for a variety of weather. Temperatures vary between 0-11ºC or 34-52ºF.

For more information on the climate in Montréal, you can visit the following link.

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